Stand Up for Life and Your Quality of Life with Terry Modglin in the Virginia House of Delegates

Your Candidate in the 49th District

In April I made a decision to seek election to the Virginia House of Delegates. I had not planned to run this year but the efforts of Democrats to promote late-term abortion, drove my resolve to stand up for life. The Democrat effort, fortunately, failed, but the razor-thin pro-life majority in the House of Delegates is at risk.  This race, between me and incumbent Democrat, could make the difference as to whether Virginia state law considers vulnerable human life as precious or inconvenient.  Government and its laws give a moral cue to the people.  If life is inconvenient, then is physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia next?  It’s a slippery slope.

That issue was the source of my candidacy but I am by no means a one-issue candidate.  I believe we are the stewards of our environment now and for future generations, and each of has a responsibility to do what we can.  The climate crisis is clearly real.  Virginia will feel it just as other states.  The world’s policies will go clean and green as the threat becomes more apparent.  Our best hope to speed up that process is to move away from fossil fuels. I am a strong proponent for “more trains, less traffic” (Metro, VRE) and for moving our state toward 100% renewable, clean energy.

We must also find a way to reduce the homicides and suicides that are firearms-related.  For twenty-five years I was involved in crime prevention and youth development.  From personal and professional life, I understand the daily tragedies that are robbing our families, communities, and country of its people. We know the answers.  I support what I think a responsible gun-owner would support – universal background checks, restrictions on military-style weapons, preventive protective orders, and mandatory reporting if your firearm is stolen or lost, for example.  Because there 400 million firearms in our country, we cannot take away firearms already purchased, but we can do some common-sense things now.

There are many other issues out there this year. As a responsible candidate, I try to pay attention to them. I support educational choice and high educational standards, and teaching the whole child. I strongly support a much higher minimum wage, but perhaps best implemented with a formula based on location and occupation. The base would be $13 NOW for Northern Virginia. I support a constitutional amendment (Virginia 2021) to establish a commission to draw boundaries for legislative districts and stop politicians from choosing their constituency rather than the people choosing them. I oppose legalization of gambling that is really a tax on the poor and the addicted. I oppose legalization of marijuana because ultimately it erodes our civic virtues and ultimately benefits the drug cartels who will always find a way to compete with the home-grown. I stand for religious liberty, one of the foundations of our form of governance.

Why elect Terry Modglin?  I believe my greatest asset is my experience in the streets and the suites, as I like to say. I understand the problems and issues of people in all groups.  I cultivate a wide range of contacts.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am truly independent.  I am not locked into either major party’s checklist. I will be a very visible representative. I am a scrapper.  I will go to battle for you, but lead with communication and reconciliation, not bitterness and retaliation.  I like to think of myself as a patriot, a man of faith, and a guy who wants his neighbor to be better off.  We get elected not to pander to people’s weaknesses but to exercise our wisdom as to what is best for all of us in the long run.  That’s where I am.

I need all kinds of support, but first of all the financial assets are required to get the message out. Please chip in anywhere from $5 to $500 (just people, not PACs) so we can get things going in the right direction here in the 49th District.  You can write your check to Terry Modglin for Delegate 2019 and send it to

Terry Modglin for Delegate 2019
P.O. Box 4953
Seven Corners, Virginia 22044

or you can donate right here on this website.

Virginia is the cradle of the democratic republican form of government that stays vibrant because it recognizes foundational rights while solving current problems. Let’s do that.

Sincerely, Terry Modglin